Scripting your Third Act

What does this mean?

In December, 2011 Jane Fonda delivered a very popular TED Talk about life’s third act (the third act is defined as being the last 3 decades of our life). In her talk, she shared some of her thoughts and revelations about what she had discovered through her own personal journey and research on aging.

One idea that she shared was that she believes that our third act is an opportunity to “finish up the task of finishing ourselves.” She also shared the idea that during this time we should begin to shift our old paradigm of seeing age as an arch to more of a staircase that we climb as we further develop our wisdom, wholeness and authenticity.

I really like that she spoke about entropy- and said that the human spirit is the only element that does not follow the arch of birth- growth rising higher and higher reaching the highest point and then sloping downward towards death.

As Jane Fonda states- our central purpose in our third act is to study our first and second acts and ask important questions of ourselves…life review questions. This process brings about new significance, clarity and understanding.  Most of all forgiveness for ourselves and others. The purpose of our third act is to change our relationship to our past. It is the reflecting on experiences that makes us wise. Please watch this video.

74-year-old Jane Fonda on Life’s Third Act

Have you ever thought of just walking away from everything and doing something completely different?

That is exactly what Dr. John Kitchin did. He was so disillusioned with his life he decided to make a radical change and pursue a very nontraditional passion that now fills his life everyday.

This story is about someone at 69 who made a very extreme life change based on his own personal situation and choices and even though it may not be right for everyone it does serve as a reminder for us to be sure that we are all writing and living our own life story – whatever that may be.

What do you think?

Writing Your Own Life Story



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